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Welcome to sexypenties. I am an upscale lady looking for fun, having a gorgeous body and underwear; I fulfill the wishes of the gents with a fluent English and accommodating behavior. I am not a nurse to take care of guys with problems, but a lady looking for fun! Please address yourself as a proper man, not as a beggar, allure me with your impeccable manners and I will let you astonished.


About sexypenties

Who am I

When you feel alone, and you need somebody to talk to, a nice and good English speaking lady, open-minded & also skilled, a perfect striper and party girl, a hot companion for dinner dates, massage girl.....


Exceeding Your Expectations


A sexy hostess

When it comes to my skills, you can count on me to take care of your every need. I pride myself on my exceptional customer service, and guarantee you’ll love relaxing with me. Let me know how I can assist you today.

elite escort

 All of my services, especially this one, exist to make your life easier and stress free. You can trust me to supply you with the best dreams, as well as top quality service.


A young sexy body and lingerie girl - upscale hostess for affording gents

Opening Hours

I  visit you between:

Mon - Fri: 9pm-5am
Sat: 14pm-5am
Sun: 14pm-5am


Get in Touch

Bucharest, Romania

Please include in your email

your handy,

                date and time booking;

        Education is a must, so fluency in English proves that you are at least at the level of a 15 years old child; my service has some rules and it is waste of time to explain them, when you know only 3 words in English:



price, service, real pics? (ir means : poor, no manhood, wants the money back)


You can ask other short details in a polite/formal manner

I do not answer the chat, which is offline, I only check emails and answer those where I see you have an interest in meeting me only, not those asking for the cheapest lady 

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